Sunday, September 1, 2013

rolla costa

me: it says here, "Your uterus has doubled in size in just two months."
him: yes, it's the uterus, not because you eat twice a lot.

me: and, "inside, you may be on an emotional rollercoaster."
him: what's new about that?


usaha memujuk husband makan epal:- 
me: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
him: dah tu baling la epal tu kat doktor, buat apa makan?


baby, baby, you can learn all the sarcastic stuff from daddy.


haven't drawn anything at all. having problem reading as well. i've bought 1Q84 for a week now and i've only been at page 111.

spent weekends and holidays sleeping at home. kesian hubby, aku taknak keluar rumah langsung. asek kelaparan, tapi makan apepe pun x selera. siap mak aku kena import lauk pauk macik aku masak dari muar.

thanx hubby for keeping me company the whole time.

september 2013.


  1. hang in there hime-chan! just rest whenever you can, take good care of yourself! (>.<)

    lol baling epal kat doktor, oh my...

    1. i rested all day long! tidooo je sepanjang hari, huhuhu.

      tenx plainn~~~ :D

      oh yeah, husband x makan sayur. buah pun dia xnak, durian je dia nak

  2. i think it's advised to eat green apples..

    baling kat doktor won;t keep them away.. instead they will be back for more :P