Monday, November 4, 2013

what's wrong with collecting toys?

the two times i am away from hubby since our wedding was during his team building and now. last time i made a big fuss about it, this time im trying to enjoy my time at hometown (muar) without disturbing too much of his 'bujang' days in kl; but of course i text him 100+ time per day anyway :)

and the worst part is that the new cheap phone i just bought to replace my broken iphone doesn't have a single photo of his (yet) to look at untuk melepas rindu. so i use my aunt's neighbor's wireless internet without permission (curi line) and to stalk my hubby's fb as usual. and to write some posts as well..


from now and then i keep seeing some collector friends who says that their gfs or wives are not that supportive of their hobbies. when i first met my hubby, i found it weird that he said not many girls are into those kind of things, when i know a lot of girls who collect figures, do cosplay, read comics, draw comics, involve in those creative field, etc. i think it might be because of the different 'genre' and types of stuff they're involved in, and hence even if the 'concept' is the same, the worlds just do not collide. collectors of different toys go to different events, and not all anime lovers could accept the enthusiasm of cosplayers.

i've met some spouses who don't mind their partners collecting as long as it doesn't affect their own expenses or their household budget, but during a get-together, they made a fuss about it, and it was funny. and i've also met some who support and appreciate their husbands or partners hobbies, simply because it makes those guys happy. some women don't understand why their partners are into toys, as much as most men don't understand why women keep on buying expensive handbags. so as those women who couldn't understand why men keep on upgrading their cars, as much as those men who keep staring at shelves full of ladies shoes. spin it any way you want, it's the same thing. i have a lot of colleagues who bought toys, hence i didn't find it weird. 

my reasons of supporting my husband varies. the first, second, and third are because i love him. the fourth is because he bought me evangelion, gundam, and saint seiya. he got me flowers sometimes; and i was caught surprised, i love flowers. (it's just that after getting the flowers i didn't know what to do with them, put into vases?  but i do love flowers). he bought me handbags that i used for two months; then got back to my laptop bag. so i prefer gundam. or food. i thought to ask for another ring, but i lost all of my rings except for our engagement ring and wedding ring, so let's not add more into the list. and for a man who treated me like princess, never get mad for too long, never raise his voice on me, drive me anywhere i want, to work, back from work, getting me everything i asked to eat, what more could i ask for?

he's so supportive to my interests. he'll get me any books i want even if he knows i won't finish them. he took me to big bad wolf to buy art books i've never opened. he'll buy me expensive graphic novels if he receives bonus or incentives. he'll drive me to any new art shop i found from the net, even that he knows i've never finished a painting.

while i lost track of my money spent (on food, 99.99% of all the time), i saw his additional toys from time to time, and wonder how he managed to get them with all his other commitments (me, his biggest one :-/ ). collectible toys are expensive (not as expensive as LV, some of them reach those levels, but most of them are at Coach's range of prices). when you're in my place, a women who doesn't know where her money goes to;- especially when you have no car, no house, not yet babies, no additional new stuff in the wardrobe, and the only handbag you use is from the wedding gift, and you wear no perfume, u wear selipar jepun at the office because the only pair of shoes you have hurts, you wear only bedak miyami to work (because you finally found out that wearing those lancome foundation and lipstick and mascara consumes too much time). but still, the monthly pay is gone! 

the worst part is that you say you spend a lot on food, but you weigh 45kg all the time. even food doesn't want to leave a trace on your money spent on them. (just that after getting pregnant, i'm now 50 kg. yay!)

of course, if you're me, you're in no place to complain on your husband's spending.

i read a collector's wife who says that collectors spend money well, which is why they could afford their hobbies. it depends on individual level though, as long as they didn't neglect what's essential. and the best part, they're so busy with their hobbies, and wives who says that they have to buy THIS AND THAT FIRST, before their toys; that they have no extra money to spend on other people (read: other women). even when they get-together, all they talk are toys, toys, talk bad about other collectors or people from other collector's groups, toys, and toys. as long as there are wives of gfs joining those get-together, worry not, they never talk about other women.

there are some more reasons, other than my hubby loves me so much and treats me just way too well than i could ever ask for. but the most important one is that he's happy. like Nobita who finally gets the toys he wants for christmas rather than the set of encyclopedia his dad keeps giving him. he's very happy. 

he's very happy when he got the toys he had been waiting for. even if sometimes he bought too much and regretted it later. he's happy when he got things for cheaper prices than market, even though he then lost interest in it and sold it later. he's happy when he completed a line he collects, even if he kept complaining about the design that were getting worse and the lack of quality control. 

he worries over which one he should buy first, and keeps worrying about the increase in price or if the toy will be sold out in the market. he worries over new third party stuff that are getting better and pricier, and how his extra income always end up with new toys he never expected. he'll take great care of his toys, but will throw them on the floor if he's mad (with me, most of the time :p). he'll worry about where to put his growing collections, but will end up with me getting mad with him about the toys that are getting yellowish and buried in dust because he never buys a detolf.

i'm happy being his wife.

i learned that it has never worth to trying to justify yourself over other people. your life, your career, your choice, your everything. let them talk. it's not like we never talk about other people too.

our baby will arrive on april next year insyaAllah. with the increase in responsibility, there will be more that we'll have to worry about in the future. they say that your spouse is your partner against the world. i'm happy that he's my partner for my lifetime, amin.

nov 2013.


  1. amin :')

    btw salam maal hijrah hime-chan~ X3

  2. me worried bout the toy's price too , (bf yg suke beli) asyik beli hottoys butttt since it is half of his monthly paycheck n has to come to me tiap2 tgh bulan mintak duit belanja which end up habis sbb beli collectibles stuff lg . i mean im cool with his hobbies but idk ,i wish he can differentiate between priorities like kumpul duit nk kawin,future etc n beli mainan utk compete dgn mmber2 who got the rarest stuff . D: uhuu sorry termngadu kt sini .. but im so happy to see both of u get married n now having a baby smbil tu manage financial , hobbies n stuff really well . wish that one day i could be like u guys too .;)

  3. ahaa to think about it again , xpayahla apprve comment i td , i was emotionally nangis2 bce this post sbb kagum and inspired with how u manage to be very undrstanding n supportive to ur hubs n how he manage to prioritize u n the other important stuff as well as his hobbies . :'3

    uhuu i will tell my bf bout what u wrote, how u guys manage to keep it cool n in check , so that me n him could learn a thing or two but one thing for sure no moar toys until he start to saving money (his part )to marry me n stay away from my bank account . hihi tp tp lepas kawin i will surely always rujuk ur post n make sure he is happy with his hobbies n me . :)

    ps* no need to post this too :D i just ttibe nk komen byk2 sbb inspired sgt , selama ni dilema dgn my own financial yg asyik merudum sbb bf pnye hobbies , now to know that other pple in the same (kinda) but much better situation does help me a lot . eheee

  4. Normal tu kena carik sekepala :)

    Anyway sebenarnya bila kita kawin dengan seseorang tu as husband or wife kita kena terima segalanya baik dan buruk seperti mana kita kena terima takdir dan keadaan kita..

    Kita adalah pelengkapd an pasangan kita adalah pelengkap kita jadi kalau berunah untuk kebaikan takda salahnya.. :) tak kira la berubah macam mana it's your both decision to decide ;)

    anyway good lucks.. yea.. jaga diri bebaik