Tuesday, December 24, 2013


went to midvalley last weekend. been frustrated that i could not afford the amazing 1000 pieces howl's moving castle puzzle, since i've spent too much shopping for craft items ( aini's wedding next year, i'm preparing magnets as her door gifts. now buying the supplies 'little' by 'little'). 

artfren is a must, and as usual, never goes home empty handed :D

the surface is too course on this one, i nearly damage my copic tips (since i love 0.03s and have been using them all the time). been a long time since i last sketch, hence might want to pay my 'debts' to some friends while i still have the drive :p

trying hard to control the pens on the surface, hence the bad line arts. hope it won't appear this bad after coloring them.

anyway, i found that hasbro's beast wars line to be very detailed and naiissss (for now, waspinator & rhinox)~~~ yet hubby doesn't collect them and doesn't even want to start! after a lot of nagging and nagging and nagging, i posted this on his wall:-

thanx to the supportive likes & comments, he finally agrees. now i kind of know the effective method to ask him for stuff.

and i'm in my 24th week :)

having our baby kicking of punching, or simply moving from the inside has been things that i look forward to. each single day.

dec 2013.


  1. naise drawing hime-chan~ :D
    ...and, awesome method of getting the stuff you want kekeke~ ;p

    tak merendek midvalley today? dengar citer ada salji turun dlm mall? XD

    1. tenx plain...

      seyes? aku x kuar umah masa kismas arituh.. ko turun kl x? apepe mesej wei jangan watsapp, watsapp aku prob. phone murah la katekan. sob2

  2. Cantiknye drawing..

    I'm losing my touch and mood day by day..
    maybe time to forgot drawing and arts..

    1. trimas!!

      i used to stop drawing for almost 10 years too..now regretting it. huhu

  3. hahahahha... cara yang berkesan untuk meminta sesuatu dari suami.. kakakakka
    ohsem lukisanlah Hime chan XD

    1. hahaha next time aku nak apepe aku try photoshop je la (dah la gamba tu husband aku yg amik :p)