Wednesday, August 20, 2014

daily photos

after 4 months - still adjusting to new life. watching her growing up day by day - feels like our best achievement!

trying my best to complete my comic project, children book illustration, and other commissions. 

hubby doesn't like selfies for all generic reason the society has, hence i insert him in the photos if there's a chance.

been sketching here and there.

workspace these days. for the record, 80% of mechanical engineers in my department has something like this.

**p/s plain: i'm rebooting my blog. will post more artworks and craft works from this point onwards ;)

august 2014.


  1. woah besar dah dia, cerianya~ iras mommy dia, anak mak ;3

    ouh rebooting blog? wokeh roger ^^

    1. hoyeayea..da muka aku..aritu muka ayah dia..

      hime s