Friday, September 19, 2014

warming up.

started new job. not much changes here, except of course, HUGE renovation of level 2 smm. nice office, i like this better than midvalley. everyone from the product engineering department to the manufacturing plant says I look fat. such warm welcomes.

back in 2009, during the first day of our orientation, i spilled milo on the desk. i spilled a bottle of coke during a monthly meeting. and some other spillages afterwards.

today the record maintains.

after an engagement, a wedding, a pregnancy, and a baby, two years and i'm back in steelcase.

september 2014.


  1. aiyoyooo... hime-chan, apa kata kalo ko beli tumbler minuman yang ada anti-spill punya nozzle tu, minum guna tumbler tu bila duduk kat meja kerja? ( "^w^)~

  2. Heheh... Welcome back and tahniah!!

  3. hiiimeeechuaaan~ X3

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