Wednesday, August 27, 2014

commission: tentacle dreads

 "it's a guy with a suit, yakuza style and instead of normal hair, his dreads are actually tentacles."

it's a fun commission, but i overdid the tentacle dreads and removed the beard. anyway, still waiting for the feedback before proceeding with the text and coloring.

2 days left in Mimos, such a great 2 years over here. good environment, fun projects, great colleagues. learnt a lot here.

gonna take a week+ off before starting at the new workplace. wanna take this opportunity to spend more time with ainur. who knows when is the next time i could have this looooong holiday.

bought a scanner and printer. great, i could scan and edit the comics myself! 3 days to go...

august 2014.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

daily photos

been finishing some ceramic photo tiles. with new label! :D 

need to wait for a day to get a good glossy finishing.

ainur turns 4 months old.

haven't have much time to help hubby inserting the watermarks for Black Plastic Life.

august 2014.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

daily photos

after 4 months - still adjusting to new life. watching her growing up day by day - feels like our best achievement!

trying my best to complete my comic project, children book illustration, and other commissions. 

hubby doesn't like selfies for all generic reason the society has, hence i insert him in the photos if there's a chance.

been sketching here and there.

workspace these days. for the record, 80% of mechanical engineers in my department has something like this.

**p/s plain: i'm rebooting my blog. will post more artworks and craft works from this point onwards ;)

august 2014.