Tuesday, April 30, 2013

wedding preparations - make up artist

one of the things yang aku n azran agak particular about wedding is the bride's makeup. kalau boleh taknak mekap sampai 'nampak macam orang lain'.

aku dah agak biasa join makeover makeup kalau estee lauder etc organize, masa kat adelaide dulu pun ada join, so aku tau betapa bapuknya muka aku kalau aku mekap tebal berserta shadow2 etc tuh..

so mende yg first sekali aku buat after engage aritu was carik mekap artist. ada sorg yg aku sangat sangat sangaaaattt berkenan, dia pakai airbrush, makeup session 2 jam, harga rm650 untuk full package, tapi sbb aku pakai tudung so just nak mekap n tolak hairdo, dia caj rm450 je. tapi sayang miscommunication pasal date, ada org dah book, memang kecewa giler time tuh.

maka terpaksalah dengan kesedihan aku tanya membe aku jin ann mana nak carik mua yg oke lagi. dia bagi a few suggestions, after tolak tarik naik turun etc etc aku jumpa Carmen Meng and berjaya book beliau untuk reception makeup. caj murah sikit, rm350 without trial. aku suka style dia, simple n natural.

masa mencari2 aritu ada la membe2 suggest n advice. the best part, diorg cakap, "ko amik akak ni, lepas mekap memang tak nampak macam muka ko langsung!" in which aku rasa cam xde point. and diorg tak suka mua chinese, sbb diorg cakap mekap macam x mekap, membazir je bayar. ade gak point tuh, hahaha..

but then again in order to mekap nipis and natural, kulit kne la bagi licin abes baru la ok. soooo.... for the next one month i'm becoming a vegetarian, eat clean!!! beli sayur banyak2 buat juice. hari2 minum inner shine. minum air 4 liter sehari. makan jamu, madu, n habbatus saudah.

tengok la berjaya ke tak. lol

april 2013.

Monday, April 29, 2013

inside the handbag

a segment by tangan punya kerja, bought plain tote bags from her before, haven't done any sketches on them yet.

i rarely use handbags, for the past 4 years of working i have been using the laptop bags given by the company. recently my fiancee bought me a cute handmade handbag, hence i could join this segment :)

wristlet for money and cards
compact powder, fragrance, foundation, and lip balm
drink coasters, small sketchbook, copic pens, epoxy stickers, and glossy photo papers

currently i've been doing fridge magnets and personalized stickers for commissions and as door gifts for my wedding, i sketched when i have time (usually while waiting for mr fiancee) and hence i brought over the epoxy stickers as well.

too lazy to store the coasters, i put them on plastic :p been doing those using copic 0.03, the rough surface of the coaster make it fun to do cross hatching. i'll continue the sketches bit by bit when i'm in mood, which is why i brought all of them.

found out that sketching on the glossy photo paper is fun, too. just that it would need a kilometrico instead of  a copic. this too, i continue when in mood :p

been a bit of a bookaholic since i met my fiancee. there was time when we went to all of the used book stores and stalls in amcorp to find specific books, not to mention popular, mph, and borders as our main targets when going to shopping malls (aside from toys r us to find his transformers and artfren or art shops for me~). currently addicted to Tolkien, we're collecting all his books for now. since i take trains and buses as main transportation, when it's not comfortable to sketch, i'll read.

of course, they are the main things (my phone is not in, i used it to capture the photo). some other stuff i throw into the bag, would be hard for me to find when i need them.

used to bring my ipad before, as it's easier to do sketchwalking on sketchbook pro or paper 53, but leaving it for mom at home so it's easier for her to skype with the grandsons.

hence my share for the segment. wish u good days ahead :)

April 2013.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

wedding invitation

test print.

designed by my great friend since intec, housemate and roommate in adelaide, a good designer who takes biotech and ends up in IT :p always criticizes my taste in color match (which is true; they're terrible). 
thank you sooo much farachwan.

made them into postcard type, will tie them together using ribbons. should get all printed cards by saturday, will start distributing next week.

been tough days these few weeks. i'm sorry dear for all the troubles i caused, thank you for never leaving my side.

 gonna have our pre-wed photoshoot this weekend insyaAllah. been hoping to use his guitar and my easel and canvas as props. couldn't get the easel though..

as i'm supposed to sketch him during the photoshoot, now doing some TRAININGGGG~ 

to plain, dilla, noob, len, pizza, nemo, bkt, anonymous, and you who does and did and done come by and stop by and comment by, please kindly email me your address to suraya.mohdnasir@yahoo.com :) 

with humble heart i'm inviting you guys to our wedding..

26th april 2013.

Friday, April 19, 2013

the hedgehog.

called him dak-dak, a short form of landak. a little wild, trying hard to tame him.

decided not to color the coaster, i'm sure i'm gonna ruin it. anyway, this would be my first commission, glad that Matt likes it :)

it was supposed to be for Koyuki's birthday last november. attached together personalized sticker for her and some fridge magnets :)

by the way folks, i gave up. ended up printed the whole remaining magnets. i'm desperate :p

april 2013.

Monday, April 15, 2013

doorgifts packed!

mom wasn't well, stayed home last weekend. missed aini's flight to auckland. congrats beb, and wish u all the best :)

almost finished with the fridge magnets. next month i might continue with the drink coasters.


made some personalized stickers for koyuki-chan. it has been soooo late already, hiccups along the way. will hand them to matt with the wedding card later.. 

april 2013.

Monday, April 8, 2013

balik kampung!

back to hometown at muar, dad signing the marriage form.

went to parit jawa. asam pedas ikan sembilang, jenak & pari. couldn't beat my aunt's, but they're cheap. RM 49 for all, including omelettes, veges, and drinks.

dad's collection of chickens has somehow grown.

mikael back when he was home few weeks ago.

tea time.

brought home my cousin's hedgehog.

since the wedding will be in putrajaya, needs dad to come over for some procedures later this week.

dinner with mr fiancee, playing his uranos's blackbird.

currently on to kill a mockingbird. a very nice book, never gets bored with the storytelling. love atticus's way of raising the kids.

just some random sketches, mostly done while waiting for him.

*back then i (aimed) to get married at 25. indeed i first met him when i was 15, meets him again when i'm 25, and our wedding day is to be 4 days after my 26th birthday. bole la tuh :p

april 2013.

Friday, April 5, 2013

coaster sketch

commissioned by a friend:-

will color her this weekend.

originally a coaster sketch, but i'm thinking to turn it into fridge magnet instead.

what do you think? :-\

april 2013.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wedding Favors

Door gifts in the making. Almost finished them off, I made only 300 to be randomly inserted into the gift bags  :) 
some instagram screenshots:-

most of them are printed ones :p

april 2013.