Monday, January 21, 2013

arts back then

found some funny stuff on a friend's web; my drawings back in 2001 (after PMR)

i stopped drawing at matriks, the subjects were too hard.

it has been too late, but i'm starting over now.

jan 2013.


sketches of mikael and his mom, done by my brother.

 found the comic draft i did back in matriks.

one of my favorites, during an exhibition at shah alam gallery.

jan 2013.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


sketches while waiting for the ferry to langkawi, early last year.

my brother's sketch on galaxy note.

me sketching my sister.

 jan 2013.

some memories

recovered my photos in my google+ account, found some that brings back memories in the old company.

the day before the mock up design review, looking for all those stuff i could use in the model shop with veron (it's when we need to build our product and arrange them in a showroom to show to the directors and managers from the design & marketing team. seki-san was the marketing manager for my project at that time) 

the morning of the review. i finished my product last (it was a high density pedestal) due to the backlog on the manufacturing side. arrived at the factory at 7 am sharp, brought all the woods and metals up to level 2, seki-san came over and helped. later assembled them with amran (our model shop specialist), while my team leader goh would come now and then to laugh at me.

by lunch that day ohno-san (back then was the marketing director) came over with a cup of coffee and asked, "when will u finish?"
i did remember whenever we heard ohno-san coming to malaysia, everyone would say, "oh, no..."
he was a really interesting guy all right.

you can find one of the finished configuration here :) Manifesto 
there's also an animation  for marketing purpose.
if you notice in the photos on the website, the background was the outer view from the gardens south tower, my friends from the 3D visualization team made the animation and brochure. they put some action figures on the table in the animation (one of them is a gundam collector)

during the 100th year steelcase celebration, the metal fellas from the manufacturing team built this robot from scraps. the CEO later bought it and shipped it to the main headquarters in grand rapids, michigan.

the funniest part when i was there, Matt (the malaysia branch's MD) sent my name as one of the five people to be interviewed for our monthly magazine. i was picked :p

it was fun over there :)

jan 2013.


a fan art of manhwa 'bride of the water god.'

found it while browsing through mangareader to find good manhwa. most were shoujo stuff,
didn't finish reading this one. 

i still think the best manhwa is shin angyo onshi.

*just a note; if the manga you want to read is available at gamestotal, do read it there,
they'll load 20 pages at once.

jan 2013.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

mr nice guy

whenever he came to malaysia, seki-san would bring over chocolates for us. 
then he knew that i love manga especially one piece, so he brought these from japan.

it was to be shared with the whole team, but usually i was the one finishing them 
and keeping the box :D

he loves to collect old, rare manga, hence we shared the same interest. he bought me a lot of original anime celluloid (which brought me to tears), telling me he couldn't find one piece as nowadays most anime have moved to digital rendering.

some more photos from seki-san's fb;

he had always asked when i'm coming to japan. will take me travel around, especially to ghibli studio.
"do you know the closet where doraemon sleeps in nobita's room? i have one at home, you can sleep inside," 
was his offer :-|

been a long time since i last met him. we both have left the company anyway, i wish him a happy and prosperous life.

jan 2013.

Monday, January 14, 2013

rayyan & mikael

smile yayan smile~

run yayael run~

..simply because i'm an obsessed aunt.

and it's 2013, thanks for taking me into your life.

jan 2013.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


hiatus post deleted :p sketched this during lunchtime, a drink coaster illustrated for dilla.

will update later. for now, i need sweet stuff to eat, but the choc muffin at the cafe isn't that good.
*at this kind of moments i missed my former office at midvalley. there were cakes everywhere at tea time

dear mr fiancee, i need garrets. chicago mix! :'<

jan 2013.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

art from dilla

requested a drawing from dilla.

love her line art and originality, plus the way she plays with colors.

she's doing lots of digital drawings nowadays, do check out her arts, and her sarcastic comics as well

to dilla, thanx a lot babe, love this a lot XD

*on a side note, that's me sketching everywhere :p

jan 2012.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

coffee doesn't help~

planning to have some drink coasters as my wedding door gifts later, only if they turn out all right :)

use a glass sealants as the finishing, it would need several layers to cover up.

mr fiance has started a blog, mainly to review his extensive collections. do check out if you're a fan of transformers :D

jan 2013.

Monday, January 7, 2013


he's coming home on february :)

only for a few weeks with his mom.

miss this boy so much. when we skyped and he saw rayyan, he called, "ayyan!"

jan 2013.
*photo by hafeez halim, qatar.