Wednesday, January 16, 2013

some memories

recovered my photos in my google+ account, found some that brings back memories in the old company.

the day before the mock up design review, looking for all those stuff i could use in the model shop with veron (it's when we need to build our product and arrange them in a showroom to show to the directors and managers from the design & marketing team. seki-san was the marketing manager for my project at that time) 

the morning of the review. i finished my product last (it was a high density pedestal) due to the backlog on the manufacturing side. arrived at the factory at 7 am sharp, brought all the woods and metals up to level 2, seki-san came over and helped. later assembled them with amran (our model shop specialist), while my team leader goh would come now and then to laugh at me.

by lunch that day ohno-san (back then was the marketing director) came over with a cup of coffee and asked, "when will u finish?"
i did remember whenever we heard ohno-san coming to malaysia, everyone would say, "oh, no..."
he was a really interesting guy all right.

you can find one of the finished configuration here :) Manifesto 
there's also an animation  for marketing purpose.
if you notice in the photos on the website, the background was the outer view from the gardens south tower, my friends from the 3D visualization team made the animation and brochure. they put some action figures on the table in the animation (one of them is a gundam collector)

during the 100th year steelcase celebration, the metal fellas from the manufacturing team built this robot from scraps. the CEO later bought it and shipped it to the main headquarters in grand rapids, michigan.

the funniest part when i was there, Matt (the malaysia branch's MD) sent my name as one of the five people to be interviewed for our monthly magazine. i was picked :p

it was fun over there :)

jan 2013.