Wednesday, December 26, 2012

my favorite blogger

im joining a giveaway from Blog Vespa Buruk, do check out her comics!

bloggers worth reading:-

i prefer webcomics. loading artist   zen pencils  cats versus human are my favorite.

other girls who loves to draw and do comics:-   dilla  plain  shada

blog lelaki2 dan perempuan tua yg matang la sket dr kita2 ni:-

some professional artists and cartoonists to check out:-
adijin    zid    mall

places you could join for weekly illustration:-

what i like about your blog:-

you're an engineer too, somehow i could understand your whinings. 
kau sengal.
nice comics, original strokes.

things you could change:-

nothing much. being yourself is good enough. maybe some serious comics later on?

all the best, i do enjoy reading you comics, and happy new year :)

dec 2012.


  1. Replies
    1. i'm now following mall on DA.. mmg ohsem abis artstyle dia, makes me want to order a print or two of some of her artworks.. mmg kena ngan taste aku XD

  2. i want to follow your blog, tpi kt mne eh following button?

  3. oh and. i really appreciate your blog suggestions!! they r osem as claimed.

    1. thanx a lot for dropping by :D .. err aku mmg x letak followers button...segan :"|

  4. owh, blog deeday memang antara feveret aku.. XD

    1. haha,aku suka baca,somehow ada yg mmg jadik kat diri sendiri

    2. thanks for mentioning me , hehe i love all of ze fellow drawing bloggers .

    3. ko punyer bes dilla, sarcastic level tinggi, haha