Tuesday, March 12, 2013

38 mm illustrated epoxy fridge magnets

some printed ones, storing them for the next 2 months.

manual illustrated patterns.

mr fiancee said the magnets sheets have arrived! (i put the shipping address to his office; my office's mail room will make noise if we ship irrelevant stuff :p )

2 months + to go. sempat sempat..
i should not make any emotional entry on my nervousness (if any) & other mushy2 (gedik2) stuff; 
or mr fiancee says he'll unfollow me.

march 2013.


  1. hahaha i would be mushy mushy if i were u ! its like freaking out but having adrenalin rush at the same time hihi .

    niceee fridge magnet babe!

    1. belum rasa apepe lagi, nak dekat ngan tarikh nanti baru ade cuak2 kot :-|

      thanx a lot bebehh! :D

  2. uih comei2 blaka jadinye~ XD
    print on glossy paper or on normal A4 paper then lekatkan ats kertas keras ka? :D

    1. aku print atas normal A4 yg keras, pastu sapu glossy sealant :D