Monday, July 15, 2013


currently wishing for:-

had this one before, but lost it.

this particular one is pricey.... waiting for gaji.......




btw, life so far.

hubby bought genesis. side by side with hercules.
went to famitoy last two weeks when ahkok told him that genesis had arrived. before, he decided to sell it after making some reviews, since he lacked budgets for his botcons.
yet looking at his sparkling eyes when he opened the box, i knew he'd changed his mind.


finally cleared up the space for my craft projects and hubby's tf reviews set. 
*my iphone finally gave in, i used my ipad to take those photos. hence forgive the bad pixels.

every single time that i said i'm bored, he'll ask; "when will u finish my portrait???"

working slowly on drink coaster. i'm so sorry to my friends who requested them..

really love sketching on those coarse surface. i used 0.03 copic for everything. hubby says by cross-hatching the sketch, the illustration looks like printed on the coaster, hence i'd like to let it stay that way :)

happy ramadhan.

july 2013.


  1. ooooh... so habibi is a comic book? naise drawing and inking wooh itu habibi, brapa $$ itu habibi?? =D

    1. yup, rm100+ setakat yg aku jumpa. read the reviews first, plenty of bad ones on the storyline. tapi aku sangat suka brush inking dia so im gonna get it! :D

    2. hehe bab review mengreview ni mmg bergantung pd individu, one's trash can be another person's treasure, buy it n you be the judge :D

  2. xpe..buat pelan2 ya dear.. =)..salam ramdhan

  3. wah..nice gila genenis disamping hercules tu. aku paladin pun takda lagi. sad

    1. kalau kene pilih, fokus genesis bro