Thursday, August 1, 2013


had a berbuka buffet at boulevard with colleagues yesterday, collabtech's treat. the food are awesome, highly recommended. RM80 per pax if im not mistaken.

saba' cyberjaya is having buffet at RM 53, highly recommended as well.

hubby didn't join me yesterday; he went to amcorp hanging out with his friends. killing time, i spent almost and hour at artfren 'sourcing', and visited borders two times to look for habibi (couldn't find it). it was later that i went to mph and the girl who helped me checked the stock informed me that the graphic novel has been banned by kdn and hence it wouldn't enter bookstores. have to get it online then.

since hubby promised me to buy a book as raya present, i looked for alternatives. mph is placing 70% off on most of its graphic novels, you can buy Nausicaa at ~RM10. but i found this, and there's no discount :(

i'm a fan of osamu tezuka's works. even that i dont really like astroboy, dr black jack is my all time favorite (however, the other version of astroboy written by urasawa naoki:- PLUTO, is awesome). while most of his stories are light, the issues in this particular one is a bit heavy and controversial. next, i'm aiming to collect Buddha (why graphic novels are so mahal one??)

*been slowly collecting old mangas. you can read them online, but good books are best handheld :p*

*our Rosa has a baby! everyday we peeked into the aquarium for the hoglet. there were three at first, two died :( hope this last one will make it.

happy end of ramadhan, and selamat hari raya semua!

august 2013.


  1. selamat hari raya dear..thn ni blk mana?sebelah somi ke??sy turn somi ..=_=

  2. baca online mana ada ummhh...selamat hari raya


  3. loor banned pulak dah... controversial sgt ka? uihh ni yg buat org nak investigate nieh kekeke :p

  4. wah kena banned? Owh pasal Islam & Christian.. The book's treatment of sexuality as something forbidden or shameful, as well as the sexual violence endured by the characters, was frequently cited as a negative by critics. patut ler..

  5. Hime-chan~
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~
    Maaf Zahir & Batin~ :D