Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ghibli Studio Diorama Collection

hubby told me he found some really nice ghibli statues at times square. he tried to look for totoro, but couldn't  find it. i've stopped buying figures and craft items for a while now, need to refurnish my finance (and since baby is on the way too :). yet ghibli stuff is tooooo attractive! then i receive some incentives for the patent i submitted last year, and hence i celebrate~

we went to xl shop at midvalley and found the second set of the diorama collection. totoro is in the first one, but the only item left from the first set was porco rosso. hubby helped me take the photo last night (while i was having great sleep on the memory pillow he bought me :p).

the secret world of arietty
based on the borrower by mary norton. you can find the children book series at kinokuniya. 

spirited away.


mononoke hime

howl's moving castle
based on the children book by the late diana wynne jones.

i love calcifer.

*photos by gema

sept 2013.


  1. really liked the detail on those. nnt kite cari 1st wave plak

  2. arrr i want totoro tooo~ and spirited away, and howl's too!! hehehe... *lari skodeng ebay* :p

    1. weh beli kat kedai je, rm50 seketul :D

    2. kakakkaka... Plain suka guna ebay.. koh koh koh

    3. plain malas nak turun kl.. :(
      weh asal sume org dah join contest plain ni. aku lom dapat pencerahan lagi ah

    4. hehehe... next month ada hal nak kna turun melaka jap, rasa mcm tak sempat kot nak singgah kl nnt... skang bz skit, hehee~ ^^

      mana der smua org lg, baru 5 ketul jer contest entries :p

  3. Neat, plan to do modelling from colorful clay.. cheaper.. :)