Sunday, January 26, 2014

weekends updates

didin't go anywhere on weekends. worked on silverbot's sketches.

perspective lari. too late to fix it anyway.

this copic costs only rm10+, much cheaper then the silver one (rm27+), but harder to control the ink flow. kengkadang pecah. kalo yg silver tuh seyes smooth giler atas surface ape pun. dulu aku dok beli set untuk pen2 ni (harga rm200+ per set untuk silver, rm100+ per set untuk grey, bole beli kat artfren kalo ade stok). saiz dia start from 0.03 sampai 0.7, plus brush small ngan medium. later on aku pakai 0.03 ngan 0.05 je, yg lelain dok diam2 dalam cawan. so skang bila refill aku beli 2 size tu je la.

transmy's interview with chinapress regarding the expo.

ok, we didn't understand a thing.

hubby with his displays. there are 13 other cases with the aim of 1300 figures (at least).

jan 2014.


  1. hehehe... try guna app Translate utk capture pic words kat chinapress tu, sure boleh paham punya lepas tu heheh ^^

    1. dah google translate da online version, tergelak kitorang bila tgk nama masing2 kena translate :p